Clothing our COMMUNITY

Clothing our COMMUNITY

It’s hard to believe that Southland Supply Co. is almost three years old. Seriously… three years old! From the joy of “70X takeoff” to the soul crushing depth of 2nd and 26, from the Hobnail Boot to the Dobbs Nail Boot, we’ve been your neighbors and friends through good times and bad. Like the Murmur trestle or the tree that owns itself, we’re Athens proud and we’re not afraid to let anyone know.

Our little homegrown t-shirt business, built on the spare time of two stay at home dads, has now blossomed into a full-time gig that connects us with people from all walks of life, in our favorite city in the world. And turns out, people really like our stuff. With all of that said, we would be remiss if we didn’t pay homage to the local small businesses that have given us invaluable opportunities and advice along this journey so far.

Our foot into the Athens small business door all started with Community Athens, founded by Sanni Baumgärtner in 2010. Community is a local boutique that centers its business around sustainable and locally made products. Community’s mission is to create and sell sustainable clothing and goods by utilizing vintage and eco-friendly materials for minimum impact on the environment, and strives to foster and develop a local fashion and makers community with a sustainable regional supply chain for maximum impact on the local economy. Pretty amazing, right? Community is a beloved local brand and one that we’ve always admired for their authentic spirit and forward-thinking business practices. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t star struck when they reached out to Southland Supply on Instagram in the Spring of 2018. Southland was still in its infancy then, and we were pumped when Community asked to carry our shirts in their store. Saying yes to this incredible opportunity energized us as business owners and opened our eyes to a world of knowledge that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Since then, our relationship with Community has only grown stronger and more enriched. Sanni and the entire Community team have stocked so many Southland styles and continue to support this little tshirt business as we grow and learn the lay of the small business land. We’re lucky enough to have our shirts sit alongside other incredible local brands in the store like Natty Michelle Paperie, Normal Soap Co., Jittery Joes, Little Light Co., and SO many more. We’re honored to be a part of the Athens small business tribe and be guided by passionate leaders. We thank you BIG, Sanni and Community.

Man, we love this city. Check out Community!

We want this blog to be a home for highlighting all of the things we love about the Classic City and all of the businesses who make up the rich fabric of our home.